To build your brand and drive sales on social platforms, we are the Only people to speak to.

When it comes to social media marketing, we do it all.

If your focus is advertising we’ve got it covered.

If it’s creating and seeding content, no one matches us.

If it’s customer care, we’ll look after your brand 24/7.

If you want your social campaigns integrated into your wider marketing strategy, pick up the phone and speak to us today 0800 612 9890.


We’ll build your brand on the social platforms used by your customers and we’ll use data to verify the sites that will give you the greatest commercial return.

We won’t waste a penny on platforms which are not relevant to your audience.

If it’s millennials you need to reach, Snapchat and Instagram will probably be top of our list.

If it’s a more mature audience, Facebook and Twitter are hot bets for our attention.

If it’s a corporate or b2b audience, Linkedin is sure to rank highly.

If it’s a specialist audience, we’ll reach them on the sites that will give you the greatest ROI.


We bring a razor sharp financial edge to retail social media marketing.

It should be part of a joined-up marketing campaign.

If it stands in isolation, the benefits it produces will be tiny compared to the returns you will get from integrating social media into your wider retail marketing mix.

It goes without saying that our social media team understands the retail environment.

We know how to harness community voices to build powerful retail and consumer brands and generate serious income from social media marketing.


Our retail social networking team can help you enhance customer care and protect you from social media trolls whose only desire is to damage your reputation.

We monitor social media sites 24/7 in order to keep your customers happy by responding speedily to their concerns and complaints.

At the same time we will defend your brand, immediately rebutting untruths and choking malicious gossip before it spreads like wildfire.

With us on your side, no one gets to rain on your parade.  



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I’d had a number of poor PR-experiences elsewhere in my career that darkened my view on PR but you have reaffirmed my belief in the power of PR. You’ve been an absolute delight to work with!

Matthew Navier, Brand Manager, Seven Seas