If you want retail PR that dominates the entire media spectrum – internet, mobile, social, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio – you’ve come to the right place.

If you want the complete portfolio of retail PR services including shopper events, celebrity endorsement, product reviews and retail brand building – we’re the people to speak to.

We eat, sleep and breathe retail. We are immersed in the industry and we have spent decades reaching consumers and persuading them to buy and continue buying.

We think of ourselves as a retail marcoms superstore and we're sure you will find we do retail communications better than anyone!


Our PR team of content creators, journalists, digital marketers, designers, film makers and event planners deliver transformational communications strategies.

We are consummate storytellers across every medium using words, pictures, sound and film to captivate audiences old and young.

We’ll ensure your story spreads like butter over piping hot toast so that it reaches all your key target audiences.

Grabbing attention and planting action-orientated messages is what we’re all about.

grabbing ATTENTION everywhere

We employ more trained journalists than most newspapers or magazines.

You won’t find a stronger team if you want to make a noise on or offline.

We know the people who matter – editors, writers, journalists and bloggers.

We know the angles to take to hit the headlines and blitz the print and broadcast media with news reports, feature coverage and product reviews and, at the same time, make a serious noise across the social media stratosphere.

In short, we’ll ensure your story dominates the press and media and makes a thunderous noise on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.


When it comes to integrated marketing and communications strategies, most retailers come at it from their own standpoint.

What matters is driving more sales in order to create more profits. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

We turn strategy development on its head and focus on why customers buy.

Looking at your brand from the customer’s perspective will give you fresh insights, big ideas, more sales and bigger profits.

If you need revolutionary thinking – speak to us.


If its ideas you’re after, what can we say?

Simply put – we create brilliance.

Our ideas are behind some of Britain’s most impactful and long-lasting consumer campaigns.

It probably explains why clients like Specsavers have been working with us for nearly 20 years while Marks & Spencer clocked up 14 years.

If you’re in need of a game-changing idea that will work across PR, advertising, digital marketing and social media, dial our number – 0800 612 9890.


If you need crisis PR support – we’re on call 24/7.

If you need press desk for journalists and bloggers – we’ll handle it 24/7.

If you need customer support – we’re on hand 24/7.

If you need a team to spearhead corporate PR – we are here 24/7.

If you need public affairs advice – we provide it 24/7.

The world never stops – neither do we!



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