By Katie Griffiths

Whether it’s getting blogs published on your own retail website, or encouraging reviews of your products on others, bloggers are important brand influencers who can have a tremendous impact.

According to a Digital Influence Report by Technorati, blogs are in the top five sources of trustworthy information. If you’re not working with bloggers to promote your business, you’re missing out on a major sales opportunity.

Bloggers are literally an online word of mouth marketing strategy. And because these are real people, blogging about real lives, their opinions carry a lot of sway with consumers.

The same Technorati report tells us 86% of online influencers have a blog – which they promote across several social media channels. And since so many write to a particular niche – interiors, food, travel, parenting, fashion – there’s an opportunity for you to discover those most relevant to your market and build a relationship which will bring a whole new audience keen to know more about what you have to offerDepending on your products and budget, many bloggers are willing to review items and services from experience

According to BlogHer, 81% of the online population trusts advice from bloggers, and 61% have made a purchase based on a blogger recommendation - which is why it’s crucial for a company to have a blogger outreach strategy.

Bloggers usually fall into the category of mid-level influencers – they don’t have the same social sway as Beyonce, but what are the chances of getting an endorsement from huge influencers like her?

But more people will relate to a mid-level influencer and feel that products they endorse are within their reach - so who wants Beyonce anyway?!

Treat bloggers well and they can be your greatest champions, working to increase brand awareness by writing about you often.

Good bloggers will write in a down-to-earth, fun and engaging way. Their posts will be visual and may even make use of video to get their message across.

Fashion brands have a high rate of collaboration with bloggers, sending them clothing from their latest collections and inviting them to sit in the front row at catwalk shows.

But why would they need to do that?

Consider this fact. Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine which has been around for more than a century, has 14.1 million followers on Instagram. Chiara Ferragni, the fashion blogger known as The Blond Salad who started her site just over 6 years ago, has 7.8 million followers. 

The benefits of blogging and bloggers to your brand are without question. Bloggers hold the power to shape public perception.

Deciding how to work with them comes down to how you want to shape your message. But regardless of the path you choose, it will require content.


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