By Katie Griffiths

How to be a successful e-commerce entrepreneur

At this time of year, Forbes’ list of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30 is a must-read for those craving business success.

In 2017, the magazine has for the first time produced a list for Europe. And the retail and e-commerce section is full of diverse and interesting tales of e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

E-commerce entrepreneurs are flocking to the UK, which is known as a global tech hub for start-ups.

According to We Are Social, 92% of the UK’s population of 64.91 million people are internet users – creating huge potential for young entrepreneurs to grab a piece of that pie.

But as all successful retailers will tell you, diving into a very large pond means you need to know your stuff so you can swim with the big fishes – and not sink without trace.

Reading up on e-commerce success stories will no doubt help to pick up tips and learn a few lessons on how to be successful in retail sales, from those who have been there and made their mistakes along the way.

But if you really want t.o learn the secrets to online selling, there are nine key steps to getting started.

Follow three basics

The three fundamental details you have to get right are quality product(s), eye-catching images and easy shop navigation.

Design it

Work on a look which is simple and professional for your website, making shoppers want to experience what you have to offer.

Keep it visual

Let customers experience your product with the very best photography and, if necessary, video footage.

Reach out

Build strong relationships with your core market. Whether they’re bloggers or businessmen, engage them on social media and consider sending product samples to entice them to buy, and recommend you to their friends.

Measure everything

Keep a close eye on your numbers – whether that’s sales figures or clicks on the website – to learn what works and what doesn’t. And react accordingly.

Get honest feedback

Surround yourself with people who will tell it to you straight. And listen.

Sell, sell, sell

Never miss an opportunity to let people know about your business. Don’t just focus on social media. Give interviews in the press, and even have business cards printed up to throw about when you’re out socialising. You never know where the next big order might come from.

Simplify the buy

Test the purchasing process and make it as quick and easy as possible for customers. Eliminate anything which might prove a barrier to people completing a purchase. Add in any extra features or incentives which will make it easy for them to become regular customers.

Have fun with it

Enjoy the ride. The more your customers see that you love what you do, and believe in what you sell, the more they will want to be part of your journey.


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